Deep Bowl RLM Dome Lighting

The paramount frustration in lighting is that the bulb always breaks. No matter if you install a cage around the bulb, inevitably, something will bang into it and break that bulb. Most of the time, the light is a pendant hanging some four meters from the floor, and it is not always convenient to go get a ladder to change a single light either.

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The best way to protect bulbs is to install deep bowl RLM (Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer) lighting. The interior of the bowl is reflective, and the entire lamp is designed to produce light downward. Most deep bowl lights are just as attractive as their shallow bowl counterparts but offer two or three times the protection. The sides of the bowl protrude down farther than the edge of the glass. Such light fixtures will protect the interior glass from all but the most jarring collisions or anything that is directly below the light.

Deep bowl RLM dome lighting will not only save you money in bulbs, but also by using a transformer to dim all the installed deep bowl RLM dome lights at once. We offer the highest quality fixtures; let our deep bowl RLM domes light up your space. Whether in sconces, pendants, or goose necks, our lights will be the solution to your needs.